Are you a Physician or another type of healthcare professional licensed (or formerly licensed) by a State Medical Board? Aside from the general problems faced in dealing with healthcare regulatory boards, what are some of the special problems you face in this regard? Is it something about the nature of your profession, the way your profession is regulated in your state, both, or something else? Please contribute your comments below. Periodically, HARBR will produce a summary in the main section of this page.


One thought on “Physicians

  1. Is this an Oregon based group. I am in Salem, Oregon and I have been running from the hounds for years in my community. Now they have handed the baton to the OMB. I truly believe that Ralph Yates, MD is a plant from the OMB in our hospital to help get rid of their problem child. Our hospital has tried with unfair and unjust peer review and failed now this. Not sure where to turn. I have already signed a SO and all I got was two more investigations by the OMB. Can’t seem to catch my breath. Not sure if my lawyer is up to the task or hindering my defense. Any help would be appreciated and finding our if this is a conspiracy would be really cool as well.

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