Are you a Psychologist or another type of healthcare professional licensed (or formerly licensed) by a State Psychology Board? Aside from the general problems faced in dealing with healthcare regulatory boards, what are some of the special problems you face in this regard? Is it something about the nature of your profession, the way your profession is regulated in your state, both, or something else? Please contribute your comments below. Periodically, HARBR will produce a summary in the main section of this page.

One thought on “Psychologists

  1. I am posting this for an Oregon Psychologist who wishes to remain anonymous. He reports to fear retribution from the Oregon Board of Psychology (OBOP), formerly the Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners (OBPE):

    One of the problems with the OBPE is their tendency to skew the realities of a given case in a very negative way, often ignoring pertinent facts or through calculated hyperbole. By the time a Stipulation is finalized, the licensee is faced with a dilemma….spend yet more attorney fees to factually correct the proposed Stipulation, or save those funds for necessary living expenses even though the signed Stipulation is inaccurate. The OBPE is undoubtedly aware of this dynamic and uses it to their advantage to paint the accused in the worst possible way.

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