Unlicensed Healthcare Providers

Unlicensed Healthcare Providers

Are you an Unlicensed Healthcare Professional of any type? What are some of the special problems you face in this regard? Are you practicing legally but nevertheless harassed by state healthcare regulatory boards? What types of problems are you experiencing? HARBR as an organization takes no position on the unlicensed practice of healthcare services and understand the matter can be quite complex. We have, however, witnessed the harassment and abuse of legally practicing unlicensed healthcare providers. Some HARBR members have suggested that all licensing should be optional. Others have suggested that licensing should not be required in some fields. Some have focused on the politics of regulation. Some HARBR members strongly favor licensing and are simply true to HARBR’s concern that healthcare regulatory boards operate within the law.

Please contribute your comments below. Periodically, HARBR will produce a summary in the main section of this page.

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