For Judges & Defense Attorneys

For Judges & Defense Attorneys

The Healthcare Alliance for Regulatory Board Reform (HARBR) welcome judges and attorneys to our site.

It is our ambition to be a good source of insight, information, an exposure for matters related to healthcare regulatory board reform, especially as related to fair disciplinary processes.

You are free to peruse the entire site, but you may wish to check here for material our people feel to be especially relevant to attorneys and judges.

We have included this section on our site for a number of reasons, but one reason stands out. In our collective experience, we have found that the attorneys we have hired are not well versed Administrative Law, or they lack the skills to win cases swiftly and definitively at the Administrative Level – that is, in way which will help a licensee-respondent prevail before the licensee’s career is inevitably destroyed.

HARBR is comprised of people from all walks of life. We do not have a unified political affiliation. We have, however, become acutely aware of the variance between Administrative Law and the Law of the Land – that is, the Constitution of the United States.

We understand that Administrative Law has been around since the dawn of civilization and that it has take numerous shapes and forms. Such is the nature of Administrative Law. Such is the nature of the problem. Administrative law is arbitrary and capricious. It is as as fickle as any bureaucrat serving out a term or any career office holder in a personally unaffected position of sovereign immunity. We are aware of the history of the Rule of Law and its development. We believe that Administrative Law is one and the same as the Rule of Man – that is, that it is lawless. We believe that Administrative law as it exists presently in the United States is an extension of Administrative Law as it has always been, and our duty to oppose it, an extension of that which it has always been. The war on injustice is perennial, but always, too few people fight it. HARBR is fighting it and we are asking good attorneys and judges to join us in this fight.

Unless under circumstances in which it would be ethically impermissible for you to do so, please feel free to contact us. We would love to talk with you.

Most urgently, we wish to make ourselves available to attorneys who are presently representing licensees against healthcare regulatory board allegations, or about to do so. In these cases, we strongly advise defense attorneys to contact us as soon as possible. It is very true to our collective experiences; justice delayed is justice denied.