HARBR Attorney Search


HARBR is currently looking for attorneys to work with us in attaining justice for healthcare professionals. We are interested in establishing legal presence in every U.S. state.

Our group’s strategy and legal maxim has evolved over time to be: “A good offense is the best defense.” Offense must be a part of any HARBR attorney’s approach when defending us or our members.

We are looking for prosecutors, and in addition to attorneys, we invite paralegals to contact as long as the paralegals are under the supervision of attorneys working with us or are able to work at a considerably independent level in their state.

We are looking for attorneys who are good negotiators in out-of-court settlements. We are looking as well for attorneys who are very comfortable taking complaints to trial both in civil and criminal matters.

Candidates may consider their suitability by considering some of the things HARBR will be looking for:

Passions and competencies:

Enforcement of Civil and Human Rights Protections
Administrative Law Reform or Abolition
Trade Restriction Matters (FTC)
Institutional & Governmental Systematic Corruption

Monetary Remedies
Reparative Remedies (reactivated licenses, reputation repair)
Punitive Remedies (fines, firings, etc)
Injunctive Relief

Publicity & Press (speaking to the press)

HARBR’s Mission, Cause & Values

Flexibility in Payment Arrangements


Send any and all inquiries to: