HARBR: Healthcare Alliance for Regulatory Board Reform

Proud Card Carrier

Are you a supporter of HARBR’s mission to bring about healthcare regulatory board reform and want to show it? Maybe you are a physician, psychologist, counselor, or other healthcare professional who has never experienced regulatory board abuse but worry that you might. Maybe you are a friend, family member, colleague, or other associate of a healthcare professional who has been abused by their licensing board. Maybe you’d like to support us and associate with us purely on principles of justice.

Your membership support would go a long way toward making significant change – change that will help protect the public, help improve the quality of healthcare, and protect good healthcare professionals from injustice.

Join us! There is strength in numbers!

Do not forget that if you are a healthcare professional presently under duress from a licensing or regulatory board, your membership is free. See the Free Membership Option.

Show the card. Spread the word. Talk us up. Be a Part!

From others we are asking a base of $34.99/year with several variations on that base.


Proud Card Carrier HARBR Member: $34.99/year

You will receive an official HARBR membership card for your wallet (as soon as we get them printed up), a HARBR sticker for your bumper, window, or laptop (as soon as we get them printed up), an email subscription to our breaking news and monthly newsletter, and an option to sign your name loud and proud to HARBR documents.

You’ll also get a 10% discount on other HARBR gear (as we develop it) to show your HARBR solidarity.

Students: $24.99/year – Same benefits.

Financially Strapped: $14.99 or write us – Same benefits.

Tax Status

At this time, HARBR memberships are, unfortunately, NOT tax-deductible. This is related to the fact that we will be engaged in political work, lobbying state officials and representatives, and so forth.