HARBR: Healthcare Alliance for Regulatory Board Reform

Free Membership

Let’s get you out of that cold water.

There are just a few things we need from you to get you hooked up with HARBR.
First, we need to vet you. It’s not that hard, and we expect it will feel quite natural once you start talking with someone who is understanding. This is part of keeping HARBR as secure as possible. This can happen in one of two ways:


Be vouched for by a HARBR member who is in good standing has been known to HARBR for at least 1 year; or


Tell us your story, produce something which verifies that you are under fire from your healthcare licensing board (or in the case of unlicensed practitioners, a licensing board), and talk with one of our people. If you are fortunate enough to anticipate trouble brewing before it happens AND can show you have been outspoken on matters related to healthcare regulatory board reform, this can work too.

About the Free Membership:

If you are in trouble with your licensing board, you need assistance fast. We do not want money standing in your way.

We aspire to work together. Depending on your situation, you may be too overwhelmed to put any concentrated effort into helping others. We understand that, and that is okay.

It is likely that you will help others by the very act of reaching out, sharing your experiences, and exchanging ideas. Your very involvement with HARBR will allow you to support one another, develop strategies, and share news of new developments.

As you can, as your situation stabilizes, or as you may find yourself in a stage of waiting for things to develop in your own case, HARBR asks you to give help to others and to devote some time and energy to the cause.

It is important for you to remember that HARBR is not a law firm. If you are actually guilty, we are not going to be able to help you like an attorney can.

HARBR’s goal regarding disciplinary procedures is to help make sure you are treated fairly and not abused by an unfair system.