HARBR: Healthcare Alliance for Regulatory Board Reform

Committed Activist

Are you a supporter of the HARBR mission? Do you believe that “Justice for All” includes healthcare professionals such as your family physician, the local mental health professional, or a family member’s after-care nurse? How about a medical assistant or case worker?

Want to see more transparency in the establishment of healthcare practice standards?

Want to make sure that healthcare standards are designed to best serve patients rather than serve only those on regulatory boards who want to limit citizens of entire states to the type of healthcare THEY profit from?

Want healthcare providers to focus their their full skill sets, training and intellect on patients instead of holding back for fear that competitors on regulatory boards will unwarrantedly expose them to career destroying disciplinary processes?

Want regulatory boards to prove they are actually catching the “bad” practitioners and redirecting them appropriately?

Want regulatory boards to prove they are actually protecting the public?

Want accountability in government?

HARBR would love to have your help. We have a lot of work to do and not enough people to do it.

Willing to do a little work? A lot of work?

Want to make the world a better, safer, and more just place?

We need writers, tech people, phone callers, emailers, people to meet with state representatives, speakers, researchers, strategists, archivists, debaters, logicians, linguists, ethicists, mental health professionals, lawyers, fund-raisers, event planners, artists, videographers, editors … whether you have special skills, general skills, high skills, low skills … we need you.

Call or email us today and talk with one Our People.

Together we are an irresistible force for rightfulness.

No object is immovable.